Client Comments

 I often hear, "How do I choose a reader?"

The answer is twofold - trust your intuition and word-of-mouth.

Word-of-mouth is illustrated below by people of all walks of life. Read a few to assist your decision.

 - Craig.


Always the best readings. You have been so accurate, honest and always make me feel so comfortable. - Steph


I leave here today with some clarity I haven't had in a very long time. I enjoyed meeting Craig so much. I look forward to coming again. - Emmy


Thank you Craig for an amazing evening. I feel very empowered and validated by your reading and conversation. I will be back! - Carl


This experience was a very good surprise. Craig is a pleasant and intuitive person who handles his reading/session very professionally and BANG ON. I highly recommend him and will certainly be back myself. Clarity, guidance and understanding with wisdom and kindness. Great! - Kelly


It was a wonderful experience. Made me smile and laugh. We will come back! - Brenda


Amazing reading! Such validation has made me feel incredible. Such an awesome experience! Thank you so much! - Julie


Thanks!! It was awesome! - Teresa


Wonderful! Thank you for the confirmation. Love your energy! - Kay


Thank you, Craig.  Spot on! You know what path I am currently on and confirmed that it is the right one for me. I felt very comfortable with you. Like an old friend, you already know me, though we had not met before. Thanks! - Pat


I have been meaning to contact you to thank you. You really helped me at the Expo and I feel that I can benefit from your services again in the future. Please keep me on your email list. - Tanya


I was surprised and amazed at how he pulled real life experiences and gave me solid, fantastic advice. I will certainly be visiting Craig again. - Valerie


Craig is an excellent reader and teacher. I am grateful for the lesson on the cards and truly impressed by the reading I received. Two wonderful talents! - Dee


Thank-you, Craig, for the sensitive and insightful reading. I was nervous going in and you made me feel very welcome and at ease. The things that revealed in the cards were interesting and thought provoking. I look forward to listening to the recording again to see what else I can take away from the session! - Heather


Reading was on point. What my gut was saying came through to validate my "issues" at hand. Loved my palm reading - it was an accurate overview of myself and also learned some new things too. - Bridgette


Friends of mine recommended Craig. I wasn't sure - it is something I don't usually do. I thought I would hear bad news. However, I was surprised to hear what I did which was all so real in my life. - Cheryl


A huge heartfelt thank-you Craig for the amazing reading I received. Everything you touched on - changes in work, relationships, my Mom who has passed, finances and family have been so accurate. Should you ever come to Regina for an event you'll be the first person I recommend to friends and family. - Susan


You pinpointed major milestones, events and aspects of my life that you didn't know about. You gave me the internal energy rush and affirmation that I am indeed on the aligned path that I have been paving. The connection to the spirits and the messages I received have created a sense of peace and love within me. YOU ARE INCREDIBLE! - JD 


Thank you so kindly. Your reading is so accurate. I valued every moment. Touching my whole heart. - Stephanie

Amazingly spot on. Lovely man to meet with. - Laura


My reading with Craig was awesome. It was accurate and I totally enjoyed it. I feel very positive after his reading. If you have any questions you need answered he will be very helpful. - Blessings, Bonnie.


Reading was easy and very validating. Lots of insight and direction shared in a gentle and thoughtful manner. - Tracy


Had a wonderful reading. Craig knows what he is talking about. Well worth it. - Sherry


Thank-you, Craig for the reading. Very positive and informative. I even appreciate the things that were not so positive. Everything was correct and direct in my current situation. - Melissa


Thank-you for your gift and your insight. It is a great tool for me to have as a resource. The synchronicity of our stories was beautiful. - Kirsten


Fantastic reading! Inline with what is happening in my life right now. Also inline with a world renowned psychic medium I recently visited. - Connie


Great reading. Picked up on a lot of what is happening around me and people involved - lots of insights on career. - Leslie


My wife had a reading by Craig and was very happy with her reading. So I came to see him and was very impressed how accurate. Very pleased. Thanks. - Chase


The reading that I just experienced has been a solid reassurance that I am on my right path. Craig's intuitive style is genuinely helpful and I understand myself better having spent time with him today. - Lynn


A really fascinating and insightful reading. Thanks so much!! - Pamela


Very enlightening and I was extremely happy with my reading. Awesome accuracy. I will highly recommend Craig. Grateful for the opportunity. - Jessica.


Very intuitive and understanding.  Very thorough and made sense to me completely. Patience is much appreciated. Thank-you. - Sally


Great energy, positive, receptive, and accurate. Thank you for your guidance and taking the time to express through your cards. Very interesting, first time I've seen them or have them used on me. Overall great experience. - Langdon


Great reading, lots of fun and it made a lot of sense for me and my family and our past/current situation and future possibilities. - Jessica.

Craig, Thanks for the reading, changed my thoughts on cards! Keep doing what you are doing! - April


Thank you so much!! I am so pleased, and excited about what we have found. Thank you again from the bottom of my heart. Hugs. - Dody


Thank-you for an interesting reading hour for my sister and I. Lots of things to think about. Future seems positive. - Jill


Interesting reading. Gave me courage to move ahead. Hit aspects that have been on my mind and agenda for sometime. - Chris


A very open and comfortable reading with extremely valid information from past and present. I look forward to my next reading and giving feedback. I will certainly recommend to my friends and family. Thank-you. - Vicki


Very informative discussion with relevant information. Great experience offering assistance on life experiences. - Marc


Very positive and reaffirming. I was so curious coming to the session but was very happy I came. First time I've had cards read and will come again! I will definitely encourage my loved ones to get their cards read. - Jolie


Just wanted to say how much my daughter and I appreciated your readings at the Bay Gala at Market Mall. She had a very positive reading and it gave her a boost (lots of hearts and money!). Mine was surrounded by death and while I, of course, knew about all the deaths in my life I had not sort of tallied them up to see how they might be influencing my life...sometimes we don't see what is under our noses. I plan on booking a reading with you again in a few months. - Deb

Craig: Very much appreciated your accommodating a reading on such short notice. And also, thank-you for the insightful reading though some of it I maybe did not want to hear. I will, however, open myself up to new perspectives and listen. - Alexandra


Grateful for the reading - was neat to see the cards being pulled and how it was accurately lined up with my personal life. Thank-you. - Megan


So very awesome to meet you! We have cleared up a very meaningful decision. Thank-you so much! - Lana


I'm very grateful for the message I received from Craig. Very authentic and real. Thank-you, Thank-you, Thank-you. - Jas


Craig, thank you so very much for clarifying what I knew in my heart. You are amazing! - Leah


Beautiful soul! Craig allowed for an easy and natural connection. I am grateful for this experience and look forward to more! - Carly


Very reassuring, calming and significant. Thank you. - Sandra


Thank you for all the very accurate info. Love it. - Judy


Amazingly accurate with well spoken kind words. A wonderful experience. - Renee


Very, very amazing! Loved it! Thanks Craig. - Michelle


Craig was amazing! Very insightful and gave great advice. Very knowledgeable. - Brett


Craig is absolutely awesome! He was 100% on everything. - Teresa


Awesome!!! - Andrea


Great! - loved it! Worth much much more! - Miriam


Very insightful and honest. Cleared things up. - Jamie


Very Awesome! Got the answers I was looking for. - Greg


Clarity for the present. Decisions in business were valued and most appreciated! - Jeff


Thanks for the detailed explanation of my current life. 100% is true. - Veska


Very accurate account of present and an understanding~unique way of reading. - Joanne


Excellent reading! Confirmation of a reading I had done about one month ago. Craig has a very nice energy. Thank-you. - Paula


I really enjoyed my reading with Craig. I had questions and the answers gave me a full understanding of my next steps in life. The things Craig picked up on made me believe that he has a real talent. - Sherry


Craig was very accurate and gave me a beautiful reading that resonated with my life. The love and purity of his reading is highly recommended. Much love. - Nancy


Thank-you for seeing into me. The reading was straight forward and synchronistic. - Adrianno


You came up with some very revealing things far back in my life. It was quite amazing and very touching for me. I think you're great! - Marjorie


Craig was spot on, easy to communicate with and had such an open, kind demeanor that I felt I could open up and receive whatever messages I was meant to receive. He was very compassionate as well. - Lauren


Very insightful. - Kate


Craig's reading is amazing and very accurate. Many confirmations of situations. Would highly recommend him. Love the cards. - Helen


Thank you for your work. Very insightful and you touched on things that you would never have known. - Debbie


Thanks Craig, very insightful and relaxed. Easy to listen and talk with. - Cathy


Really enjoyed it, very positive and interesting. - Margaret


Enjoyed my reading, very personal. - Zoe


Great reading! - Hayley


A very informative reading. - Rosalynn


Thank-you for your insights & it was more than just a card reading. It was very accurate. - Fae


Craig, I wanted to let you know that my Mom and I listened to the reading. And she was quite moved to hear of my Grandpa and the circus. It truly struck a cord with her. I believe it gave her an affirmation that while she remembers her father, he is feeling her remembering. I can't tell you how special that was. She did tear up but was absolutely smiling. It was nice to hear pieces of my childhood come from you as well. Things about myself that I hold dear but would not normally share. Like my stuffed bunnies, crazy hats, taking care of my shoes, the Goonies and Nintendo. Those weird little idiosyncrasies. Those really enrich a reading. - J


Thank you. I have some positive points to go on. - Kathleen


I found my readings with Craig validating and guiding each time. Information received was valuable and helped me grow. - Henry


Absolutely AweMazing Reading! Thank you so much for the blessings. Bang on with everything. Best wishes. - Marie


Great reading! Included details I could not have imagined would be revealed. - Sid


I've been to other places, Craig was the best one yet! I look forward to coming back. I've got much to think about and I'm excited for the future to see what happens. - Aaron


Insightful and wonderful. - Paula


Craig was very amazing! He touched on so many of my life hardships & realities. He was my absolute godsend for dealing with a very difficult time in my life. I left feeling confident and sure of whom I really am. - Marcy

Interesting, insightful reading. Pleasant experience - trustful person. - Lorica


Very enlightening and new info was provided! - Joan

Had an awesome reading with Craig and a total "OMG" moment.  Had so much relevant feedback and positive outlook going forward. - Analise

You blew my mind! - Cindy


Neat experience, good time. - Nicole


Craig was really on his "A-Game." It was just like talking to that medium on T.V. There was no way he could have known about the hammer incident. - Jay


Really interesting experience. Picked up instantly on the fact I had lost my ex-lover. Very cool! - Jules


Great reading. Hit on some very accurate points. Thank-you. - Julie


Awesome! Really liked it. - Stephanie


Your reading was very detailed and true to points in my life currently happening and that have happened in my past. - Tera


An interesting start to what might be a much longer path. - Stephen


Thank-you for the great reading! You gave me a lot to think about! - Danni


Thank-you. The reading was practical and right on with timing. - Grace


The reading was really great! Everything that was read was informative and guiding. Thank-you, Craig! - Chris


Thank-you, Craig. Your voice is very soothing. - Rita


Thanks for the reminders of what I already know. Enjoyed the session. - Crystal


Very interesting. Was very close to seeing my thoughts. Very good, would for sure come back. Thank-you. - Signey


Really enjoyed the reading. He gave me a lot of things to think about and reflect on. Thanks. - Alicia


Wonderful, fun reading with some great moments that ran deep! - Freya


Worth the time and money. Great fun reading. Very positive and hopeful. Thanks .- Linda


Fun reading! Thanks so much! - Katherine


Great reading...Hit on a lot of things and provided positive feedback and encouragement. Thanks. - Brandie


Good. I think right on - on many ways, thanks. - Val


Great reading! Really helped reinforce that I'm heading in the right direction. I've been working very hard and it's nice that Craig could see it in the cards. - Teree


Knew what I needed to hear and how I was living my life. - Sherry


Was awesome! Found out a lot about myself and how I should handle certain situations in my life. Thank-you! - Alanna


Unusual presentation, but great information. Grateful for his energy and light! - Veronica

I didn't know what to expect coming to see Craig for the first time but I am so glad I did. I have a lot to think about and look forward to what the future holds. - Jacqueline


A new experience. Craig hit on some valuable and insightful points. A past traumatic experience, relationships and habits. Craig is a very balanced and calming human being. - Jamond

The reading was so accurate! Craig knew my life story better than I did - total validation for me! Thank-you so much, Craig. - Gloria

I loved this session! It was truly informative and gave me a lot to think of. - Michelle

Intruiging! Will be interesting to see what transpires. Craig is very good at explaining what he sees in the cards and will take time to explain and answer. - Alex

Very informative session. Much that was mentioned was bang on! Hope to see you again soon. - Sammy

The reading was good. I really enjoyed it. - Taylor


I had a very valuable experience. Learning and validation was provided. I felt comfortable, laughed and generally at peace by the end of the reading. - Kat

Awesome reading, Craig!  You were right on with everything. Thanks again. - Roger

I had an amazing reading, very accurate! Craig helped me see the light at the end of the tunnel, gave me hope, I know I can move on. - Isabella

Thoroughly enjoyed meeting you and having a reading done.  I will go home with many "thoughts" to consider.  You have some very accurate cards that connected with my life past and present. - Angela

Thank-you, Craig for the wonderful reading!  It was so insightful and meaningful!  It helped me to see more about my life such as the clarity and confirmations about certain areas like finances, career and love! - Lisa

The reading was amazing!  So accurate and I felt like he knew me.  I would recommend him any day! - Natasha

Craig is a brilliant reader with a special deck of cards.  Worth sitting down and having a chat. He is very, very good! - Bob  

Thank-you for the informative reading. You have a super great energy about you. You hit stuff dead on and it was so cool to have playing cards read after 30 years. - Barb & Rich

Thank-you. I'm a little confused on what to do with the info but really enjoyed it. - Liana


I enjoyed my reading with Craig. You have helped me to feel more secure & like I have some good things to look forward to. - Deanna

My card reading with Craig was interesting and delightful. I enjoyed watching him trying to make me think long and hard, to come up with what the cards were telling him. The cards were making sense, I just made him work for his money. I would go for another reading with Craig in a heartbeat. - Elaine  

I should have just come to you first. - Lloyd

Thanks for the reading, Craig.  It gave me a lot to think about.  I will reflect on your reading and look at new beginnings. - Lynn

Craig explained everything very well. He made sense of all the cards and what they meant.  Showed different words showing up in my cards.  Answered all my questions with clarity. Very happy with my reading. - Leanne

Excellent reading! Very intuitive and gave me lots of clarity. - Lesley

My spirits have been lifted. Thanks for giving me hope for the future. - Cecilia

A great experience - lots of insight and advice on many issues that were very important to me. A new experience for me and well worth it.  - Lena

I must admit I didn't believe it until I was called into the office to talk about the management position Craig had already mentioned.  Can hardly wait to see what else comes up. - Diana

Beautiful reading.  A blessing from my heart - opens up many things. Thank-you - Bless you. - Fay

I love the CD. It is nice to know you can listen again and hear something you may have missed. There were a lot of personal issues Craig brought up and this put me at ease. Some of which I did not know were bothering me until they were mentioned.  They needed to be let go of - It was a very good reading. - Les

The reading was very interesting and informative. It was very accurate with the past and I was easily able to relate to my life. Thank-you! - Chris

A very good reading and my husband's presence was validated. - Lynne

Saw you briefly at a fair and just wanted to say first you scared the crap outta me and freaked me out...not really a believer in stuff like this and even though you didn't do a reading you knew something about me that was impossible for you to know... :) - Debbie

Very intriguing! I can hardly wait to see the path unfold! - Trudi

Thank you for your thoughtful reading and sharing of your knowledge. - Maria

Thank you again for the wonderful reading! Wow! You were spot on! I do have to say that this is the best reading I have had in five years! I do hope you return to Regina sometime soon. - Susan

I have to tell you again I enjoyed that session. So much so that I bought a deck of cards to start learning, too! -  Stacey 

My card reading was great! I had an amazing experience and have numerous exciting things to look forward to. Thank-you for an incredible session. - Neeta

Walked around and came back to Craig's table.  The vibes were there.  He read my cards and answered a lot of questions.  Very personal.  Will see him again. Thank-you - Darlene

You put my mind at rest. I can move on. - Christine

First time. Unsure of what to expect but found some real insight and a right on reading. - Pat

Craig gave us the clarity that we needed to move forward. - Dave & Roxy

You were so helpful, Your session was very good. My daughter and I enjoyed ourselves immensely and I am very happy. Keep up the good work. - Didi  

Craig, thank you so much! Your reading gave me hope and strength for the future. I thank you enormously. - Kara  

You read me like a book. - Christine